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Новые инвестиционные условия New Nordic Group. New Nordic Group меняет ставку рентного дохода для всех новых договоров.
Updated payment system and new terms of rental income for all new contracts.
Прогресс строительства проекта Lamai Resorts от New Nordic - 25 Декабря 2019. Краткий фото отчет прогресса строительства проекта Lamai Resorts от New Nordic - 25 Декабря 2019.
Photo report of construction progress of Lamai Resorts project by New Nordic - 25 December 2019.
Прогресс строительства проекта Coral Beach от New Nordic - 23 Декабря 2019. Краткий фото отчет прогресса строительства проекта Coral Beach от New Nordic - 23 Декабря 2019.
Photo report of construction progress of Coral Beach project by New Nordic - 23 December 2019.

Naklua, Wongamat beach

Naklua is pretty much quite district. Most of the major hotels and condominiums are located along the beachfront areas. Since the main Naklua road is located relatively far from the main residential area, it is really quite and serene here. This district is popular among both tourists and western expats. 

1. Distance to the airport.

Distance to the Utapao airport — 42 km, distance to the Suvarnabhumi airport — 74 km. The road will take about 2 hours. There are no problems with transportation in this district.

2. Distance to the sea.

The beachfront line is quite wide, besides there are no structures on the beach itself. Here you can find apartments within just 200 meters from the beach, which means just a few minutes walk from desired beach leisure.                       

3. Beach length.

Wongamat beach is about one and half km long, and about 20 meters wide. There are also a few smaller beaches 100 and 200 m long each.

4. Beach appearance.

There are some complaints about the absence of the natural shadow. There are not too many trees on the beach, however you can easily find sunchairs. Also, need to beware of the rare sharp stones and seashells. Despite Wongamat beach is called the best maintained in the town, you still can find some trash randomly lying on the beach, where it doesn't adjoin to any of the hotel or condominium. The local beach would be perfect for the leisure, but probably not that great for the swimming. 

5. Facilities and amenities.

There are both quite places and places to hang out in Naklua. The last ones are located closer to the downtown. If you are looking for the shopping or night out you can find them a bit on South from the North road, where all the bars, clubs and shopping malls are located in this area. 

6. Transportation.

Naklua is located next to the downtown, so you won't face any issues with transportation: taxis, baht buses, motorbike taxis are all at your service.


If you are looking for apartments with the marvelous and panoramic sea views, then you should definitely pay attention at the local beachfront property. Despite there is a progressive construction in this area, some of the buildings will remain their view features without any changes.

8. Popular objects.

There are few sightseeings in Naklua: beach park, perfect for the family leisure; amazing temple called Sanctuary of Truth; fisherman villages; Minisiam park - the miniature city with the world-known attractions; tiger zoo; Wihara Sin temple.

9. Nightlife.

Despite Naklua status as the quite district, you can easily find nightlife entertainment here. The main areas for that are located bit to the South from the North road and beach road intersection.

10. Popular hotels.

There are lot of hotels in Naklua, most with the good reviews. Since there are not too many facilities in the residential part of the district, most of the hotel have their own infrastructure. The major hotels are Pullman Pattaya Hotel G, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, Centara Grand Modus Resort Pattaya, Z Through By The Zign and few others. Most of these hotels are ranked as 5 stars.